Lease Termination in New York

If you feel that it is time for you to get out of your lease but you still have some time left on the agreement, then you may think that you have no option but to fulfill the lease terms to the end. That is not actually the case. Early lease termination is pretty common in the New York area and there are several options open to you that may decrease the fees or penalties that you may incur.

Why NY Drivers Terminate Their Lease Early

There are so many reasons that a lessee may want or need to terminate a lease agreement early. Perhaps it is a job transfer to a large city where a car is no longer needed or your family has outgrown your current car. Whatever the reason may be, and there are 1000’s of them, to end a lease early, the important thing to remember is that there are alternatives to paying those fees and penalties.

But, Always Know Your Options

In a perfect world, the best case scenario would be to fulfill your lease obligation in its entirety but that may not always be possible so we have put together a list of a few tactics that may help:
  • buying your car outright and then reselling
  • transferring your lease to someone else
  • negotiating a settlement deal
Again, this is where our team of experienced professionals comes in to answer your questions and guide you through the lease termination process. They will help find the best solution for you and your family when terminating a lease in the NY area.

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